In this area of the Law, which is directly linked to the corporate world, RBCM commits to providing its Clients with continuous, multidisciplinary advice, accompanying them in any action, from creating companies to reorganising and restructuring previously established firms, providing assistance in all aspects of corporate life.

Aiding in the smooth running of the countless actions that make up the daily operations of trading companies, RBCM draws up documents related to General Meetings and other corporate bodies, fulfilling all legal obligations, accompanying any procedures relating to an increase or decrease in capital and ensuring the best advice is provided relating to the processes of distributing dividends and reserves. In other words, RBCM delivers solutions to any of the questions its Clients may ask, tailoring answers so that they fit each Client’s specific circumstances.

Externally, that is, when it comes to relations between RBCM’s Clients and third parties, RBCM assists and accompanies its Clients in negotiating all types of commercial contracts – from distribution, franchising and supplies to service provision. As such, RBCM has prepared a specific structure used to advise on mergers, divisions, transformations and acquisitions, among other actions that may be more or less complex.

RBCM provides services in the various facets and prisms required for operations related to taxation. Considering the density and proliferation of all Portuguese, European and international legislation relating to this branch of the Law, RBCM’s Tax and Fiscal Law team is prepared to assist its Clients in matters pertaining to their “day to day” operations, such as supporting their relationship with their relevant Tax Authority.

RBCM is also dedicated to providing tax advice on management and investment decisions, as it is aware of the need to structure operations involving contracts, financing and the purchase and sale of assets.

In terms of litigation, RBCM has extensive experience in so-called “tax litigation” and with the various administrative, judicial and arbitral institutions involved. This department also deals with drawing up and monitoring complaints and administrative appeals, providing specialised assistance and advice on binding reporting procedures, oppositions and other tax actions or resources both within Portugal and the EU.

When it comes to administrative regulations, RBCM commits to providing clients with preventive advice relating to identifying and complying with tax regulations, as well as providing them with administrative defence services and filing suits themselves, should the need arise to do so.

RBCM is a collection of professionals with vast experience and technical knowledge in the areas of Corporate Finance, providing advice on complex financing operations by assembling the entire procedure itself, including where guarantees are concerned.

In the event of a dispute, RBCM professionals can defend the interests of its Clients, accompanying them before, during and after disputes, whether in arbitration or court.

In corporate management, good corporate governance is currently of paramount importance. The RBCM team is made up of specialised professionals, which are an asset to the company’s Clients thanks to the technical knowledge they possess relating to legal regulations and applicable codes of conduct.

Among other areas, RBCM stands out for the assistance it provides in strengthening shareholder relations, in the way in which it strategises and builds relationships with stakeholders and in its composition of management bodies and administrative structures.

RBCM is able to define and implement the most advanced corporate governance models in order to achieve the best management practices. All the solutions proposed are presented to Clients – or their representatives, whether that be their corporate bodies or shareholders – taking into account the market segment in which they operate and never neglecting to recognise the specific characteristics and needs of each one.

The RBCM team’s professionals specialise in mergers, splits, transformations, restructures, acquisitions and sales of commercial companies, among other more and less complex operations, possessing the know-how required in order to provide assistance and counsel on these operations, from beginning to end.

The team’s vast experience allows them to draft memoranda of understanding, confidentiality agreements, proposals, due diligences, as well as to negotiate and conclude the operations in question.

RBCM’s professionals have extensive experience in defending individuals and companies against actions or omissions by public entities that harm their rights and interests.

The team has in-depth knowledge of all areas of public law litigation, dominating not only the material law that may be in question, but also any applicable procedural law.

In addition, the team has extensive experience dealing with administrative proceedings, such as challenging administrative acts, precautionary measures, verdicts reached by Management banning individual acts from being carried out, subpoenas issued in order to gain access to documents and civil liability suits.

Business operations are increasingly subject to regulations passed by legislators. A search for process optimisation and risk control is reflected in the immensity of regulatory legislation, namely in matters of taxation, banking, data protection and competition. These are undoubtedly circumstances organisations must be particularly vigilant of.

As such, taking a preventive stance and enforcing good business practices to minimise risks is without a doubt the best strategy that can be followed in order to avoid committing criminal and administrative offences – not to mention the prestige and excellent reputation businesses can build by doing so.

RBCM is able to work together with its Clients to integrate the best practices and protocols that should be followed by organisations, seeking to implement ethical business practices without compromising the healthy development of said businesses. To this end, the company has adequately prepared professionals who not only develop and present the measures to be applied in the “field”, but also trigger internal audit processes designed to monitor and analyse procedures, conducting and monitoring internal investigations as well as providing representation and defence services for both criminal and administrative offences.

RBCM commits to providing constant support to its Clients where Labour Law is concerned, always presenting them with the best solutions that are likely to have the smallest possible impact on their human resources, disrupting them as little as possible. This may include drawing up specific employment contracts; analysing and continually updating the checklist used to gauge compliance with labour law requirements; initiating disciplinary proceedings; and setting out and applying any procedures related to terminating existing employment relationships.

In the field of Labour Law litigation, RBCM commits to defending its Clients’ interests, taking court action by implementing the strategy that best suits each situation, whether to defend its clients in dismissal appeals or in disciplinary proceedings leading up to the termination of employment relationships, or even to defend the lawfulness of collective dismissals and/ or redundancies.

RBCM provides advice related to real estate, presenting its Clients with the best solutions and strategies.

With a global, comprehensive view of the entire world of real estate, RBCM’s services include negotiating real estate contracts, drafting and signing them – “traditional” buying and selling processes, buying and selling through capital shares transfers, sale and leaseback contracts and exchanges, including drafting works, terminations and commercial establishment infringement contracts. RBCM’s team is capable of providing advice on real estate financing operations by assembling the entire procedure itself, including where guarantees are concerned.

With regard to Urban Planning Law, RBCM advises its Clients on the legal and regulatory rules contained in territorial management instruments, it assists in developing urban settlements and provides legal support to aid with administrative licensing procedures for urban operations carried out both for ventures and operations.

Where Environmental Law is concerned, RBCM provides its Clients with legal support in order to aid in the administrative procedures undertaken in order to gain licenses for ventures and operations requiring environmental licenses, studies and plans; and filing administrative offence and environmental litigation suits.