Personal Data Protection Policy

This Policy contains the rules applicable to the collection and processing of personal data by RBCM Lawyers, from the company’s website These rules do not serve to replace any clauses of specific agreements entered into with any customer, partner and/or supplier. In the event that such contracts are entered into, this Policy may complete such documents, but not replace them. The terms Holder, Customer and User are used interchangeably in this Policy to refer to any data subject. In providing RBCM Lawyers with their personal data, data holders acknowledge and declare that:

  • They are of legal age;
  • They are thereby providing their consent for their personal data to be collected, handled and processed under the terms described herein.


a) Identification of the entity responsible for the processing of personal data
Rui António Gomes do Nascimento Barreira – Rua Fialho de Almeida, nº 32 – 1º Esq., 1070-129 Lisbon with VAT number 164 847 111 e Dr. Ricardo Macieirinha – Largo 5 de Outubro, nº 18 – 2 º esq, 2400-120 Leiria with VAT number 205 188 443,

Contact email address:


b) Intellectual Property

The content of this website, that is, all the information available, including any text, logos, icons, images, graphics, videos, sounds and photographs, are the exclusive property of RBCM, except for when the source of the content is expressly indicated otherwise. This content is protected by both Portuguese and European Union copyright laws. The total or partial reproduction and/or distribution of any material contained within this website, including its framework, any analogous means of reproduction and/or digital storage are expressly prohibited unless written authorisation is granted by the company. This condition excludes any exceptions permitted by law. If any material that is subject to copyright or in violation of the law has been published unintentionally, we ask that respective users report it to RBCM so that it may be removed immediately. To do so, please contact us by email to, or by post to Largo 5 de Outubro, 18, 2º E 2400-120 Leiria or Rua Fialho de Almeida, 32, 1º E 1070-129 Lisbon.

The information contained on our website may contain technical inaccuracies, omissions or typos, and may therefore be subject to alterations or updates without prior notice. RBCM Lawyers reserves the right to make changes and/or improvements to the contents of its website without prior notice, as well as to the services/products described on its website.


c) Purpose of the collection of personal data

RBCM Lawyers provides services related to advocacy. A part of its operations, it needs to collect personal data for the following purposes:


  • Contacting Users who have filled out and sent any forms, provided that they have granted the company consent to contact them;
  • Draw up statistics that allow RBCM Lawyers to understand how it can improve the level of services it provides, therefore meeting user expectations more effectively.


d) Data collected

RBCM Lawyers will collect the following personal information from users: their name, company, email address, phone number and occupation either from forms users fil out, which are available in various areas of the website, or by email. The information marked on the forms with an * is mandatory. Failure to provide information marked as mandatory will result in the company being unable to assess the information and/or the company being unable to provide the services requested, depending on the particular circumstances.

Data collected via an unsecured network: users are alerted to the fact that their information is being collected/sent via an unsecured network, and that the data then circulates within the network and risks being seen and used by unauthorised third parties. We therefore advise that users take additional measures when using the Internet to share their personal data, such as data encryption, using firewalls and updating their antivirus programmes, among other measures. RBCM Lawyers will keep the data for as long as necessary to ensure the execution for which it was collected. It may, however, have to retain specific data for a more extended period of time in order to comply with legal obligations.


 f) Right of access and right of rectification and portability of personal data

  • The data subjects have the following rights with regards to their personal data at any time: access, rectification, portability and erasure.
  • Data subjects can exercise any of these rights in writing, by sending an email to the following email address:, ou por carta, or by sending a letter to one of our offices, which is located in the Largo 5 de Outubro, 18, 2º E 2400-120 Leiria or Rua Fialho de Almeida, 32, 1º E 1070-129 Lisbon.


g) Transfer of data outside the European Union

The data collected by the RBCM Lawyers website shall not be transferred outside the European Union except for when the user providing the personal data is outside the European Union. Some third-party data processors operate outside the European Union, and their privacy policies should be read separately (paragraph m).


h) International use

If Users are located outside Portugal, we hereby inform them that their data is hosted on a server located within the European Union and that any data protection rules or regulations that may be different from those applicable in their country are applied, as these vary within the European Union.


I) Hyperlinks (Links)

The RBCM Lawyers website website contains hyperlinks (links) to other electronic sites (websites). RBCM Lawyers is not responsible for the privacy policies of those electronic sites. We hereby recommend that users of the RBCM Lawyers website consult their specific privacy policies when accessing other electronic sites. This privacy policy applies exclusively to the RBCM Lawyers website.


J) Visitor tracking

The RBCM Lawyers website usa o Google Analytics (GA) uses Google Analytics (GA) to track user interactions. The information collected is used to determine the number of users who access the website. RBCM Lawyers uses this information to help them understand how users find and use RBCM Lawyers’s web pages.
GA collects information regarding geographic location, device, internet browser and operating system. It does not, however, collect any information that could personally identify any User. GA also collects IP addresses, which could be used to identify users personally, though Google does not grant access to that information. RBCM Lawyers considers Google to be a third-party data processor.

GA uses cookies. Details on how these are processed can be found in the Google developer guide.

Disabling cookies in your internet browser will prevent Google from tracking any part of your visit to pages within this website.

l) Data security

Whenever sensitive information is collected or used, the data will be encrypted using SSL (Security Sockets Layer).

Thanks to the SSL protocol, which protects the transmission of all sensitive data via the Internet, all information is processed with maximum security. Your privacy is guaranteed, and the risk of data being intercepted while it is being communicated is wholly eliminated.
If you have any questions about the security and privacy RBCM Lawyers provides of your data, contact us via email at, or by post at Largo 5 de Outubro, 18, 2º E 2400-120 Leiria or Rua Fialho de Almeida, 32, 1º E 1070-129 Lisbon.

m) Third-party data processors

RBCM Lawyers uses several third parties to process the personal data provided by its users. These entities were chosen carefully.


n) Contacts

The Data Protection Officer is RBCM Lawyer, and can be contacted by post to Largo 5 de Outubro, 18, 2ºE 2400-120 Leiria or Rua Fialho de Almeida, 32, 1ºE 1070-129 Lisbon or by email to 

If you believe that RBCM, has not adhered to this statement, has any questions about our privacy policy or the information we have about you, please contact us at We will respond to questions within 30 days.

o) Changes to this privacy notice

Our privacy policies are regularly reviewed and any changes will be posted on this website. Last update on 16th September 2020.